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Refer another pet business to Pet Biz Creatives & receive up to $450 as a one-time cash referral fee

Firstly, thank you for your interest in referring to Pet Biz Creatives!

We know that for any pet business, a referral from a trusted partner or collaborator will always be invaluable.

Which is why we’ve made our referral system super easy. All you have to do is introduce your pet business contact to us via email or have them mention your name when they talk to us.

We want to reward you for every successful referral

For every successful referral you send our way, we’ll send you a one-time cash referral fee – depending on the service your contact signs up for. 

For example, if your contact signs up for a Monthly Services package with us, we’ll send you $450.

Or if they sign up for one of our Coaching and Consulting packages, we’ll send you $300.

The Fine Print: The referral must be a new client. Referral fee only eligible for our Monthly Services packages or Coaching and Consulting packages. You cannot refer your own company or business that you work for or own. If a referral signs up for one of our packages, the referring person will only receive one referral fee. Referral must sign contract or start service within 90 days of initially contacting us.

But how will we know that you’ve sent a referral our way?

Make sure to remind your pet business contact to mention you by name during their strategy call or upon signing with us. 

(We’ll always ask how they heard about us, but if they mention you by name it’ll be much easier to confirm your referral commission.)

In the meantime, here are some of the things we can offer to your pet business contacts – for no cost.

What free education we can provide for your contacts


Educational Resources

Marketing strategy calls

Simply get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate on any of these ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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