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Discover how we can help to make your email marketing connect more effectively and meaningfully with your pet parent audience

Fed up of your emails ending up in spam?

Frustrated by how much time is wasted creating them?

Overwhelmed by what content to actually include?

We can help! 

Whether it’s because of the latest Gmail or Apple iOS 15 updates, finding out your emails are being dumped straight in the spam folder can be more than a little aggravating. Especially if you’ve already invested heaps of your time, energy and money into creating these emails, only for it to achieve absolute zilch. 

Our team can make these frustrations a thing of the past.

We’ll not only create unique, engaging and beautiful email content designed specifically for your pet parent audience
– we’ll also put control of your email deliverability back into your hands. 

No more missed sales. No more wasted effort. No more flushing your money down the drain.

We’ll help you to generate and nurture new leads. Convert more buyers. And increase repeat custom.

All through the power of email marketing (awesome, right?)

We'll get the best results from your email marketing system too

Whether you’re brand new to Klaviyo and need assistance migrating over to this platform, or you’re set up and are now looking for help in streamlining your email automations – we’re the pet marketing specialists for you.

As Klaviyo partnersShopify partners and Octane AI partners, we have extensive experience in ensuring this software produces the best results for your pet business.

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Global average email marketing ROI in 2020
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SMBs found that email marketing drove the most sales in 2021

Here’s how we’ll help

Why waste your time, energy, or resources on ineffective email marketing? Reach out to hear how we can 10x your results today.

29 Million pets in Australia alone
$ 0
13 Billion spent on on pet services and products in 2019
29 Million pets in Australia alone
$ 0
13 Billion spent on on pet services and products in 2019

*Statistics source 

Other Systems We Work With

We can also support you with a range of other email marketing systems, including Magento, SalesForce, WooCommerce, Maropost and more. For an idea of the full range of Klaviyo integrations we work with, you can check these out here.

Our Core Services

Email Marketing

Results-driven strategy that optimises segmentation, automations, flows, and promotional campaigns to achieve consistent sales for your pet biz

Growth Marketing

Scaling your pet biz in a way that’s steady and sustainable, whilst increasing brand recognition, awareness, and reach

Development & Design

Beautiful, responsive, and eye-catching html email designs combined with interesting and engaging content for maximum impact

SMS Marketing

Reaching pet parents with succinct but powerful SMS messages, designed to incite action and secure more conversions

Consulting Services

For expert support on any key challenges you may have, with 1:1 guidance to help grow your pet biz

The Pet Biz Project

Our eLearning portal is packed full with education, webinars, resources and exclusive interviews with industry experts (click the paw icon to learn more)

Development & Design

Beautiful, responsive, and eye-catching html email designs combined with interesting and engaging content for maximum impact

The Pet Biz Project

Our eLearning portal is packed full with education, webinars, resources and exclusive interviews with industry experts (click the paw icon to learn more)

Whilst our services are tailored for Klaviyo and eCommerce pet businesses on Shopify, we can also assist with other CRMs. If you are a service-based pet business, we can likewise support you with consulting.

Ready to Get Started?

A more meaningful approach to email marketing

Here at Pet Biz Creatives, we understand there’s a huge difference between the goals and challenges of your pet eCommerce business and every other eCommerce business out there.

We believe that to execute truly successful marketing to pet parents, you first and foremost need to build meaningful relationships with this audience. 

Which is why in everything we create and implement for our clients; we ensure that your email marketing is value-driven and purpose-led.

Pet parents are not only one of the fastest growing demographics in the world right now, they’re also one of the most engaged shoppers in Australia. 

In other words, there’s an amazing opportunity – right here – for you to grow your pet biz through connecting with and converting this audience more effectively.

And we can help you to do this through delivering thoughtful, meaningful, and purposeful emails that are packed full of value and hit the 3 Rs of…

We don’t need to tell you that we exist in a time-poor world, with multiple sources constantly competing for our attention. That’s why we don’t waste your or your audience’s time with email marketing that is insubstantial, insincere, or merely out to make a quick buck.

Instead, we put all our energy and inspiration into ensuring your email marketing is a genuine joy to open for pet parents, and ultimately works to strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent. All so we can a positive impact on the wellbeing of animals worldwide.

We take your email marketing success personally

Your pet business has its own specific goals and needs.

This is why we never adopt a cookie cutter approach with any of our clients. 
Instead, we take you through a very specific, personalised process to create the best package for you.

Step One: Getting to know you

One of our favourite parts of the process, as here we’ll sit down with you to explore the exact wants and needs of your pet business. We’ll chat about your core products, established branding, and existing email marketing efforts to see how we can best support you

Step Two: Mapping a path

Next, you and one of our directors will spend a dedicated session defining how to get your email marketing to where it needs to be. In this session we will cover • Specifics of your pet business niche • Audience drivers and insights • Branding and messaging strategy • Current email marketing performance • Cleaning up your existing mailing lists • Ongoing creative approach • Your budget and promotional capacity

Step Three: Finalising a plan

Once we’ve gathered all this information, we will then create a package tailored to your personal objectives. In this blueprint our focus will be on • Developing your VDPL (value-driven, purpose-led) email marketing strategy • Increasing conversions and engagement • Strengthening customer relations and retention • Refining your brand storytelling • Optimising automised nurture sequences and • Generally getting you the results you desire

Making a difference, one email at a time

We encourage every pet business to incorporate giving back into their operations.

Whether you’re able to pledge financial aid to a worthy cause or volunteer your time with a local organisation, we’re on a mission to make the world a better place for humans and animals alike.

Together we can improve the lives of animals in need, one email at a time.

Ready to Get Started?

Book in for a call with us today & we’ll be happy to discuss what service is the best fit for you

Pet brands we've loved working with

Ryan, Super Feedy

“I’ve been working with Pet Biz Creatives and can’t recommend them enough. As a pet owner and entrepreneur, I was looking for a team that understands the unique needs and challenges of the pet industry, and Pet Biz Creatives exceeded my expectations.

From the first consultation, they took the time to listen to my goals and vision and provided valuable insights and suggestions to improve my brand’s online presence and email marketing.

Their approach and attention to detail set Pet Biz Creatives apart. They are always available to answer my questions and provide updates, and they go above and beyond to ensure my business continues to trend in the right direction. I truly appreciate their passion and dedication to the pet industry, and I’m grateful to have them as my partners. If you’re looking for a smart, reliable and creative team to help you grow your pet business, look no further than Pet Biz Creatives. They are the real deal!”

Julie, Wellbeing For Dogs

“Wellbeing for dogs has been using Pet Biz Creatives for some time and I cannot speak highly enough of their passion and creativity to help each business reach for their full potential. All the people involved in the company are great to work with and give much more than I expected.

I would not hesitate to recommend Pet Biz Creatives.”

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More about our consulting service

Whether you’d like to receive our 1:1 support in implementing our signature methodology to build your email marketing, or you’d love regular consultation calls with one of our two co-founders for tailored support…

Our consultations are available for all sizes of pet businesses and come with access to our eLearning Portal, The Pet Biz Project.

With video tutorials, exclusive educational resources and interviews with industry experts, you’ll have everything you need to get your email marketing generating fantastic results.

solutions for start ups, entrepreneurs and marketers

Whatever stage of journey you've reached, we have support tailored to help you to tap into that next level of growth

access to exclusive resources 24/7

PDFs, worksheets, videos and more for you to access whenever you want, so you've always got the solutions you need to hand

interviews with industry experts

Insightful and inspiring conversations with some of the most influential figures in the pet industry right now

Learn more about the Pet Biz Project here

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