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Through stunning, meaningful, value-driven email marketing

Are you an ecommerce pet business looking to grow?

Then email marketing is the answer for you. Whether you’re completely new to email marketing or simply tired of your existing emails underperforming, we’ve got you.

Designing, copywriting, creating, scheduling and managing your own email marketing can be

Yet with our help, you can be confident that your email marketing is strategic, streamlined and optimised to make those all-important sales.

There's a lot to love about our approach to email marketing

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What Makes Us Different

As one of the only agencies in Australia that specialises in email marketing to the modern pet parent, we know precisely what pet parents want and need from pet brands just like yours.

We’re also currently conducting our very own research project to understand exactly how the pandemic impacted relationships with pets.

But that's not all.

Everything we do to help pet businesses scale their email marketing follows our signature methodology. The five pillars every pet business needs to truly make an impact and experience sustainable growth.

By following our signature methodology, we take your email marketing from run-of-the-mill to seriously standout.

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The Pet Parent Assessment

As a team of pet parents ourselves, we ensure that every email is something your audience is excited and eager to receive in their inbox.   

We do this through ensuring each email is


Provides value that helps strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent


Holds deeper meaning and purpose to support your own values

Created with joy

Communicates your message in a fun, energetic and innovative way

As it’s only when your email marketing is value-driven and purpose-led that you will be able to gain and keep more subscribers, increase your sales and build your profitability.

Whilst our approach to your email marketing is both strategic and results-driven, we also ensure it is relevant, relatable and resonates with your pet parent audience.

Our Promise to You

We put pet parents at the forefront of everything we create.

We’re not here to create emails that are spammy, salesy, inauthentic or disingenuous. So if you’re looking for email marketing that is purely focused on making you a quick buck and not about developing long-term meaningful relationships with your customers, we’re probably not what you’re looking for.

What we can offer you is the support of a committed, passionate and focused team of marketing professionals who are invested in your success & making a difference to the lives of animals worldwide.

We’re on a mission to help humanity experience deeper bonds, more joy and more love with our animals.

That’s why Pet Biz Creatives was created to act as the bridge between pet parents & meaningful pet brands. Which is where you come in.

Female Led Team

Australian Owned

Run by Pet Parents

Global Operations

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