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Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up

All you need to know about your
Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up...

Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up is the first step you’ll take with our team.

Whilst other agencies may start by asking you to immediately sign on the dotted line and commit to paying them X amount for X months in order to engage their services, we are all about efficiency and effectiveness at The Growth Genies. That’s why, before we take any other action – like recommending certain strategies or suggesting any brand repositioning – we will always complete a Pet Biz Health Check-Up

But why is a Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up necessary?

The purpose of completing Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up is that it gives our team the opportunity to get to know you and your business on a much more intimate level, straight off the bat. 

We look at all your digital assets (including your website, social media, online advertising and search engine results) and do a complete sweep to identify exactly what you’re smashing out the park and what you may need some further assistance with.

We’re not about empty promises or adopting generic ‘slap a bandaid on it and hope for the best’ solutions at The Growth Genies. We tailor our consultations and reports to offer you heaps of value and to help you get your business to where you want it to be in the most productive way possible.

What do I actually get from a Pet Biz Health Check-Up?

An Initial & Follow-Up Consultation

During the initial consultation we will establish a thorough understanding of who you are, what your purpose is, and what you're specifically hoping to gain from Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up. Our follow-up consultation will then give us the opportunity to explore your results, review what impact your current performance is creating & what you can do to take it to the next level.

A Tailored & Detailed Pet Biz Health Check-Up Report

This report will be 100% unique to your business and assets, with insightful and constructive feedback designed to empower you on your journey to further growth. Our team of strategy superstars and creative champions will provide commentary on all the key components of your digital presence, giving you the guidance & clarity you need.

A Blueprint For Your Business

This blueprint will outline your short-term, medium-term and long-term actions, giving you clear direction & practical ideas on how to optimise your online presence and results. Nothing vague and nothing wishy-washy; this blueprint will outline precise and specific steps to grow your online following, increase your revenue & develop a powerful brand presence.

The best news is that booking in for Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up doesn’t mean you’re obligated to sign up to one of our packages. As we’ve mentioned above, Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up will include a personalised report packed full of our findings and in your follow-up consultation we will be there to help you clearly understand those results. 

During this follow-up consultation, we’ll also outline strategy amendments you can implement straightaway, in the near future and months down the line. So even if you decide not to move forward with us you’ll still have a clear plan of action for your next steps. Needless to say, we’ll likewise always be here for any quick questions you have. 

But if you do decide you need a wingman (or wingwomen, in our case) to help you kickstart this plan & get real results for your business, our expert team will be primed and ready to dive straight in. After all, we’ve already developed a thorough understanding of your business from completing Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up, and through our remote consultation sessions (which can be via Zoom, Skype… whatever works for you!) we’ll be 100% on board with your unique goals & aspirations.

How do I sign up for a Pet Biz Health Check-Up?

Simple! If you’re ready to book in for Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up all you have to do is click the button below.

It costs a one-off payment of AUD $550 and you can choose to book in for your initial consultation at a time and date that suits you. 

Once we’ve had this initial consultation, our team will complete Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up within a week (although we’ll always aim to get it over to you as soon as possible.)

If you have any further questions for us before booking in for Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up, talk to us here

Otherwise, we can’t wait to start working on our Genie magic!