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Online Workshop: Squarespace

Join us as we discuss how oddball humour and practical product demos combine to achieve uber-effective storytelling in our online workshop for Squarespace

The Wonder of Winona

In this commercial, we are drawn into a narrative of Winona wanting to ‘find the true Winona’ through the building of a website. 

We follow Winona on her journey of ‘discovering her true self’ by exploring the city which is her namesake, and we see that throughout the process of Winona building her website she is driven to only select photographs that powerfully capture the emotion and essence of ‘Winona’. 

(Her or the city… we have no clue.) 

But whilst humour and comedy arise in this oddball quest to produce a website that captures Winona, and the deliberate confusing of which Winona is being referred to, the commercial also works in a very clever and practical capacity. It regularly demonstrates how easy it is for Winona to build her website – dragging and dropping photos, editing the tagline, adding in call-to-action buttons – with over the shoulder and point of view shots.    

The commercial then ends on the line: A website makes it real. 

Winona was able to actualise her quest to discover the true heart of Winona (the city or the person is again deliberately left unclear) through documenting her discoveries on the website.

In other words, Squarespace has crafted a unique and entertaining story with the very powerful underlying message: your website is the mechanism through which you will be able to realise your professional and your personal aspirations; your website is the platform which will enable you to establish a revenue source and empower you to ‘conquer your quest’.

… So why not take the first step towards achieving those dreams by building a website with Squarespace? 

(See how they’ve planted that seed?) 

The best part is that Squarespace actually built out Winona’s website here!

The Growth Genies

Online Workshop Lessons

Take Note

At no point do Squarespace 'name drop' themselves in the script. Instead, the focus is on the customer (Winona) and her experience using their product/service, positioning it as the solution to the customer's 'quest'.

Think About

What kind of story your own website tells… how it presents you, your brand, and even what journey it takes your target audience on. Consider how you can strengthen this element of your digital positioning moving forwards. You may be surprised!

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