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Jack Daniel's

In this online workshop on Jack Daniel’s we explore how storytelling can position a brand identity in an immensely more powerful & impactful manner

Story Time with Jack Daniel's

In this online workshop, we’re going to take a look at how Jack Daniel’s showcases its unique identity and utilises the company’s singular history to offer a deeper insight into the brand and thereby establish a more intimate connection with their audience.  

In other words, we’re going to explore how Jack Daniel’s telling the story of its origins helps this company construct a distinctive culture around itself, taking it from a simple whisky production business to a dimensional, impactful, accessible brand.   

Visit the Jack Daniel’s website and you’ll find yourself presented with the option to discover their story and ‘How Jack Daniels Came To Make Whisky’. Jack Daniel’s literally offers a timeline of the events tracing from their origin all the way through to the modern age, with this background information framed by their declaration:

Crafting something that endures for over 150 years takes time and character. You’ll find plenty of both in the people and history that make Jack Daniel’s.

Jack Daniel’s has an incredibly firm grasp on its brand identity – from the design of its product labels to its website graphics and copywriting, every last detail aligns with their brand personality of rebellion, liberation and living boldly. 

Yet it is through revealing their complex and colourful history, Jack Daniel’s addresses the all-important questions all businesses should be able to answer (questions which we also explore in our Ultimate Storytelling eCourse.)

Questions like…

Why did they create this specific business? 

Where did they begin and what sparked their inspiration to build this brand?

Where are they today? How have you grown or changed along the way? 

To be exact, Jack Daniel’s answers our questions by diving into the experiences of the people who helped build the business into what it is today. Whilst Jack Daniel’s may not be the only whisky distillery in existence, their unique positioning stems from how the brand celebrates its uniquely rich and tumultuous journey to the modern age. 

No other whisky distillery has emerged in exactly the same manner, nor overcome the same challenges along the way. As a result, the Jack Daniel’s brand identity is one that has developed and mellowed over decades – exactly how whisky is best enjoyed.

Coincidence? We think not.

Take a look at the video below for an idea of how extensively Jack Daniel’s details the brand’s history; from the conception of its very first product, how they struggled to survive the period of prohibition, all the way through to 2018.

We are huge fans of storytelling at The Growth Genies, and this is one of our favourite examples of the power of storytelling in action. 

From the very beginning, Jack Daniel’s draws the reader in by offering an insight into the various characters and personalities, the lives which have interwoven and interconnected through chance, fate, destiny – whatever you want to call it – to contribute to their founding and evolution. From the enslaved man Nathan “Nearest” Green who would become the first Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, to the Motlow brothers who saw Jack Daniel’s through prohibition, to Jackie Gleason who introduced Frank Sinatra to Jack Daniel’s, to Jeff Arnett who joined the company to ‘steward Mr. Jack’s fine Tennessee sipping whisky.’  

If we were simply thrown a few facts and dates about the evolution of Jack Daniel’s, chances are we would disengage from the story of their history quite quickly. However, by naming the figures who have contributed to the development of brand throughout the company’s history, not only does the story appear more authentic, it also helps the audience to fully immerse their imagination and emotionally resonate with the highs and lows of each anecdote. In fact, we actually end up rooting for Jack Daniel’s to succeed, for them to triumph over their challenges and obstacles.  

So if you’re wondering how you can develop more of a connection with your target market, storytelling is an immensely powerful tool at your disposal. It is not self-serving to offer this insight into your company or to tell the story of your history, if you are doing so in a meaningful manner (i.e. to build relationships with your audience, inviting opportunities for emotional resonance and authentic connection.) 

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Take Note

Jack Daniel's utilise the story of their origins and reveal how the company has changed and evolved over the years to offer a more intimate insight into the brand itself. This helps to build a sense of community around the brand, developing Jack Daniel's from 'just another whisky distillery' to a memorable household name.

Think About

Are you able to answer the questions we outlined earlier? Do you know why you specifically created your business? Can you remember what sparked your inspiration to build your brand? Have you ever considered how you've grown and changed since those early days? By offering this insight into your business, you can begin to establish deeper connections with your target market.

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