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What Is A Creative Agency?

Creative, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is the act of producing or using original and unusual agencies.  


Great… but what is a creative agency, exactly?


Trust us when we say, we completely understand why you’re asking that question. 

More often than not, when we introduce ourselves and explain that we work at a creative agency… well, if we had a dollar for each time we were faced with blank or confused expressions, we’d be incredibly wealthy genies indeed. 

(Bahamas, here we come!)

But in all seriousness, the reason why it’s a little tricky to pin down the definition of a creative agency is due to the fact that it covers such a lot

Long story short: a creative agency is a company that drafts, designs and disseminates innovative and engaging content for brands and businesses.

Long story unpacked: a creative agency is a company made up of copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, illustrators, strategy managers, brand developers and directors. And really, that’s only scratching the surface. 

Rather than aiding individual elements of your business, we work with clients to develop their identities, messaging, presence and impact.

With different disciplines and complementary skill sets, creative agencies are a crackling combination of original-thinkers, unconventional perspectives and experimental instinct.

The purpose of a creative agency, at its barest essence, is to help businesses engage wider audiences, through whatever medium that takes – social media, online advertising or print. 

But here’s a breakdown of each element in a little more detail…

Copywriting: this is the text used for advertisements or publicity material. This can feature on a website, in emails, blogs, articles, whitepapers, social media, printed materials and much more.

Content creation: where new ideas are established, adapted and shaped to appeal to target markets. This can include – similar to copywriting – social media posts, blogs, videos, scripts, infographics, lead magnets, podcasts and more. Content creation and copywriting are really good buddies.

Graphic design: the creation of visual concepts, whether through digital software or by hand, which communicate ideas or messages in eye-catching, informative or engaging ways. Graphic design covers everything from photography, typography to illustration, and is used across websites, social media, blogs and more.

Brand development: touching upon the previous elements, brand development ensures the cohesion of the graphic design, colour schemes, logos, copywriting house style and both online/offline positioning. Branding predominantly focuses on developing a unique business identity and messaging, whether that’s through a computer screen or tactile means.

Strategy management: this is where the copy, content, graphics and branding is tied together and implemented from a logical and analytical angle, meaning all creative elements serve a purpose and function in engaging or nurturing relationships with the target audience. 

So now you have an idea of what a creative agency can produce for a business, just like yours. But here’s an important distinction for you to take note of…

The Growth Genies isn’t only a creative agency.

We’re also a creative digital marketing and automation agency. 

This means that we go one step beyond the end-product creative agencies may focus on – the website design or the email copy or the logo and brand development – as we dive that much deeper, into the modes they’re delivered and results they produce too. 

We develop flows, frameworks, systems and structures; we immerse ourselves in everything from SEO to social media campaigns to website development and html. 

Rather than aiding individual elements of your business, we work with clients to develop their identities, messaging, presence and impact. Our team excels in their individual elements, coming together to produce seriously spectacular results for our clients. Why? Because we’re not satisfied in aiding you in the minor elements of your business… we much prefer funnelling our energy and inspiration into supporting your growth in all capacities, ensuring that you achieve the optimum levels of growth and development.  

If you believe a creative digital marketing and automation agency could help your business reach that next level of growth, then book yourself in for a free 15-minute strategy call. It’s absolutely no-obligation and can be on a day and time that suits you. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!