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The SINAP Method

An introduction to our signature methodology; the 5 pillars behind every successful pet business 

Confused about why pet parents are ignoring your brand?

Anxious to increase your sales and engagement with this audience?

Don't know where you're doing wrong with your pet brand?

Introducing our signature methodology: 
the SINAP Method

The SINAP method consists of 5 pillars that every pet business needs to implement, in order to deeply connect and resonate with pet parents worldwide.

All to become more profitable and achieve sustainable growth as a pet brand.

Here’s an idea of what it looks like…

The SINAP Method


The first pillar is arguably the most important. It's where you identify exactly what's unique about your pet brand, why people should care about you, and learn how to deeply & meaningfully connect with pet parents


This pillar is all about how you present yourself to the world. Building trust and credibility through how you visually represent your pet brand, whilst understanding why some things "work" and others don't


Now the focus starts to shift from you to your audience, as this pillar is about identifying exactly what journey you're taking pet parents on. Here you'll learn how to increase "know, like and trust" in your pet brand


Now the focus starts to shift from you to your audience, as this pillar is about identifying exactly what journey you're taking pet parents on. Here you'll learn how to increase "know, like and trust" in your pet brand


This pillar is about creating the tangible assets needed for pet parents to engage with your brand. What content & messaging you need - and in what mediums - to catch pet parents' interest, deepen their investment & engagement, and ultimately convert them into loyal, paying customers


No pet brand will be truly successful by working in isolation. Partnerships is all about pinpointing what additional wants & needs pet parents have - which your brand may not be able to personally meet - and then offering a complete solution that has the added benefit of increasing your brand visibility, reach & sales

Please note that working on one pillar will never be as effective as working on all pillars.

It’s only when each of these 5 pillars work in alignment that you’ll experience real results and growth.

Want to learn more?

Then check out this video, where Erin (co-founder of Pet Biz Creatives) introduces our signature methodology and explains each of the 5 pillars to the Inspawration Photography Community.

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Our team will come on board to help you work through each of the 5 pillars of SINAP, with the added option of developing your email marketing efforts


We'll guide you through the process of implementing SINAP, with access to our eLearning Portal: The Pet Biz Project

If you’d like to receive 1:1 support in implementing our signature methodology, but can’t afford to hire our team to do the legwork for you, our consultation service may very well be the solution. 

Along with regular consultations with Tarryn or Erin, you’ll gain access to our eLearning Portal, The Pet Biz Project, which includes video tutorials, downloadable educational resources and interviews with industry experts. 

You’ll have all the support you need to get started with SINAP.

Perfect for pet businesses on a budget

Work on implementing SINAP at your own pace, at an affordable price

access to our resources 24/7

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Receive key insights and top tips for your pet biz growth from game-changing individuals in the pet industry

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