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The Six Mistakes Pet Brands Make

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The Six Mistakes Pet Brands Make

If you’ve ever wondered how pet parents view pet businesses, then this guide is essential reading for you. 

There’ll be no more guessing or wondering what your pet parent audience is thinking. Because the Six Mistakes guide – created from the results of our 2022 survey to pet parents across Australia – tells you everything you need to know about how modern pet parents currently perceive pet brands.

Discover the mistakes, so you can learn how to create meaningful & profitable relationships with your own pet parent audience today.

In this guide, you’ll discover…

How pet parents feel about stereotyping & generic marketing

And why pet parents are sick of being pigeonholed

What sales tactics actively repel pet parents

And why too much pressure to purchase too soon can be more damaging for your pet brand

Why pet parents want personalisation from pet brands

And for their relationship with their pet to be celebrated, not treated as an after-thought