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About Rufus & Coco

Rufus & Coco was founded in 2008 by avid animal-lover Anneke van den Broek. Since then, the business has grown to become a phenomenally popular eCommerce store for pet parents in Australia.

Rufus & Coco offers pet parents the ability to purchase mindful treats, accessories & hygiene products to support their health and happiness.

Their purpose is to help pets be the happiest they can possibly be.   

Rufus & Coco

The Brief

Produce a well-informed, comprehensive blog on a topic that would be relevant to Rufus & Coco’s target audience: engaged, empathetic pet owners.

The writing should be energetic, on-brand and engaging, whilst also being authoritative and confident. 

Provide high-value content to the target audience in discussing the topic: What Cats Can (And Can’t) Eat.

Our Approach

From the get-go, our aim was to produce a blog which was informative, educational but most important of all – accessible. We wanted this blog to position Rufus & Coco as an authority on the topic of pet health, helping to improve brand awareness and encourage further engagement from the target audience. 

With this in mind, we strove to achieve the following:

The Results

We created a structured, easy-to-digest blog diving into the topic of what cats can (and can’t) eat, offering essential insight & guidance for pet owners everywhere. The content was tailored to appeal to and enrich the target audience’s life, supporting Rufus & Coco’s brand validity and further cementing their identity as the go-to pet pros.