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My Learning Online

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About My Learning Online

My Learning Online is an online education provider, offering students of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn from true industry professionals.

My Learning Online offers access to courses covering everything from animal care, photography, agriculture and farming, lifestyle, small business and landscaping & horticulture.

Through completing these short courses, My Learning Online aspires to help students take that all-important step toward the career of their dreams.

The Brief

Produce well-researched, SEO optimised and informative blog content, designed to appeal to students of all My Learning Online’s disciplines. 

The writing should be inclusive, personable, educational and accessible, whilst tackling a broad range of topics. 

Accompanying monthly newsletters and Googly My Business posts should be produced, reflecting the value of the blog content & offering key updates.

Our Approach

Immediately, we understood additional market research would be essential, as we would be talking to a range of target audiences, covering a variety of ages, backgrounds and interests.

Once we had this understanding in place, SEO keywords were identified to support the strategic positioning of each blog. Email content and Google My Business posts were likewise created to effectively communicate relevant promotions, in addition to interesting industry updates – entertaining, educating and informing each target audience.  

Overall, we achieved and continue to execute the following:

The Results

We have created a diverse catalogue of blog content to inform, educate and inspire the My Learning Online students. Through producing blog content which is relevant to their industry of interest, My Learning Online has continued to cement its position as a top online education provider in Australia and New Zealand.

Regular email newsletters and Google My Business posts have worked to generate further traffic to the My Learning Online website, inviting further opportunity for prospective leads to convert into successful students.