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Inspawration Photography School

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About Inspawration Photography School

Inspawration Photography School is the online pet photography education platform, founded by phenomenal UK based dog photographer and trainer, (and natural educator) Emily Abrahams. 

Whilst Emily Abrahams Photography originated as a way for Emily to offer her pet photography services, Inspawration Photography School was born from Emily’s inspiration to kickstart an educational, inclusive space for her community to master their own photography skills.

Aspiring pet photographers can choose to either purchase an individual course or become an Inspawration Photography School member. Either way, Emily guides students through all the key skills to take spectacular photos of our furry friends, and be inspawred whilst doing so!

The Brief

Assist Emily in deciding a name & producing a new logo for Inspawration Photography School, whilst creating an accompanying brand guide.

The logo should reflect Emily’s own artistry, energy, align with her existing Emily Abrahams Photography branding, and include hints of whimsy and wonder.

Overall, branding for Inspawration Photography School should capture the magical relationship between dogs and their hoomans, whilst appealing to Emily’s established social media community. Whimsical tones should also be woven into the brand identity, to reflect the beauty of exploring and photographing dogs in natural environments, whilst celebrating the wonder of dogs themselves.

Our Approach

We immediately set out to help Emily not only produce an attractive logo for this educational platform, but choose a name and logo which truly reflected the essence of what would become Inspawration Photography School.

Our intention was to assist Emily in producing a brand blueprint which was comprehensive, strategic and provided clear insight into the heart of Emily’s dream for this business.

Overall, we achieved the following:

The Results

We helped establish a brand identity for Inspawration Photography School which clearly reflects Emily’s passion, creativity and devotion to her craft, whilst reflecting the whimsical nature of photographing and bonding with our four-legged friends.

As a result, Inspawration Photography School has developed into a striking, impactful brand with a clear storytelling structure and digital presence. Emily launched her education platform to great success, with her community of dog and photography enthusiasts currently working their way through Emily’s courses. We can’t wait to see their snaps!