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Bonpinda Retail

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About Bonpinda Retail

Bonpinda was founded in 2018 by husband and wife duo, Pushpinder and Siobhan (otherwise known as Push and Bon.) 

Bonpinda Retail brings together a collection of sustainably-sourced and ethically created items for a mindful, conscious community. From clothes to accessories to home living to books, the Bonpinda catalogue is wholly unique and full of stunning collections. The independent artists and creators are very much at the forefront of everything Bonpinda does, with the story behind every item celebrated.  

Their purpose is to create a space where meaningful items are available to support each individual’s ethical lifestyle, whilst supporting a better, brighter more sustainable world for future generations.

The Brief

Help Bonpinda to establish a powerful online presence, with a clear brand identity and engaging, relevant content designed to educate and appeal. 

It is vital to effectively communicate Bonpinda’s broader vision and values. Bonpinda Retail isn’t just a retail eCommerce store; it’s part of the movement to slower, more mindful living and responsible consumerism.

Offer a broad range of content, diving deeper into the story behind every item and creator, celebrating the passion and meaning poured into every piece.

Our Approach

First and foremost, we started by producing a Brand Identity blueprint for Bonpinda Retail – fully outlining the vision, mission, purpose, values and customer journey. 

From this point, we completely overhauled the existing Bonpinda Retail Shopify store, updating both the graphic design and copy content to align with Bonpinda’s clarified brand identity.

Lastly, we created and executed an updated content calendar covering social media (paid and organic), blog content, lead magnets and email newsletters.  

The Results

We have helped Push and Bon to create a brand that powerfully aligns with their dream for this business, whilst clearly communicating their values. All visual and written elements now reflect this brand identity, better positioning Bonpinda Retail as a legitimate and influential business within the sustainable eCommerce space.

To this day, we continue to work with Bonpinda, supporting Push and Bon on their journey to transform the world for the better, one ethical item at a time.