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Pet Biz Project: Episode 7

Episode 7

Attracting a Pet Loving Community: with Katy & Shell from Dogfolk Photography and Pretty Fluffy

For small pet brands, it can feel overwhelming to know how best to both present and represent yourself online. 

If that sounds familiar, then this episode is going to be gold for you. Because today, owners of Dogfolk Photography and Pretty Fluffy, Katy & Shell join us to discuss how to make an impact online through strategic product images, curating an online community and dealing with algorithm changes.

Katy & Shell suggest top tips for keeping your online identity simple and achievable, especially when it comes to your social media presence, as well as how to increase the diversification in how you engage and connect pet parents with your brand.

To summarise, the key topics we cover in this episode are: 

  • How you can create great product placement images for your brand with some quick and easy tips
  • How to create a community of like minded dog loving folk to help your small business to have a greater reach 
  • The importance of diversifying your marketing efforts and not placing all your eggs in one basket
  • How some of the social media platform algorithm changes have created challenges for Katy & Shell in their business and how they personally overcame these obstacles

Plus much more! 

You can find Pretty Fluffy here.

And Dogfolk Pet Photography here.

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