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Podcast 6: with Dr Nicole Rous from 'Shy Tiger'

Episode 6

The Power of Education Based Marketing: with Dr Nicole Rous from Shy Tiger

If you’re a pet brand with an unconventional product on offer, or don’t know the best path to nurture trust and loyalty in your pet parent audience, then this is an essential listen for you. In this episode, founder and owner of Shy Tiger, and Melbourne veterinarian and dog owner, Dr Nicole Rous shares her experience of building a respected, popular and recognised pet brand. 

Nicole offers an invaluable sight into the importance of connecting with pet parents through educating and empowering them to care for their pet’s wellbeing. As when you do offer this additional value to your audience, designed to enrich their relationship with their pet, you’ll quickly cement that brand loyalty and be framed up as the “go-to pet brand” in your community’s mind.

To give you an idea of what we discuss in this episode: 

  • How Nicole built Shy Tiger into a respected brand that pet parents love and are extremely loyal to, through value-drive content and providing expert advice
  • Nicole’s challenges in building her business and her advice on building your network by finding brands that share your values 
  • How to create practical solutions for pet parents and the significance of being “all natural” in an increasingly green-washed world
  • Resonating with the “right” audience and building trust when you have an unconventional product
  • The importance of maintaining a work-life balance as a business owner, and relying on your “village” of support

Plus much more! 

You can discover more about Shy Tiger here.

Or reach out to Nicole for veterinary support here.

And you can also read our blog on the 4 types of value to offer pet parents here.

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