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Pet Biz Project Podcast: Episode 3

Episode 3

How to Build Meaningful Relationships with Pet Parents

How do you build meaningful relationships with pet parents as a pet biz? More importantly, what does a ‘meaningful relationship’ even look like? In this episode, Tarryn and Erin (co-founders of Pet Biz Creatives) discuss how pet businesses can hugely benefit from nurturing trust, value and community with their pet parent audience – specifically through being purposeful and strategic in how they connect and communicate with this community.

We reveal why the modern pet parent doesn’t want to simply be sold to, how pet parents’ relationships with our pets have evolved since the pandemic, and how you can tap into and leverage different niches within the pet parent community itself.  

Here’s a snapshot of what we discuss in this episode: 

  • Why pet businesses need to nurture meaningful relationships with pet parents
  • Our top tips for how to build this level of relationship & stand out in the pet industry
  • Steps for making yourself memorable & spreading word of mouth about your biz
  • The 4 types of value you can deliver to pet parents 
  • How you can personalise the customer relationship through email marketing
  • How to use social media, community groups, chat rooms and discussion forums 
  • Why sharing your mission or purpose as a pet biz can help pet parents to Know, Like and Trust you

Check out our blog on the 4 Types of Value here.

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