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13. PR Essentials For Pet Businesses: with Caroline Zambrano from PetJourno

Episode 13

PR Essentials For Pet Businesses

Caroline Zambrano, founder and managing director of PetJourno, a PR, Content Writing and Social Media service, joins Tarryn to discuss how pet brands can work to build trust with pet parents, establish themselves as a thought leader in the industry and build a relationship with the media.

They also talk about the key steps you can take to ready your brand to prepare for media exposure, how to nurture relationships with those offering PR opportunities and how to identify when a business owner is best ready to shine a light on their offering.

Topics touched upon in this episode also include:

  • The importance of public relations in creating a positive perception and making a good first impression
  • Why it’s vital to ensure your website, social media, and other visible platforms are well-presented and functional before investing in PR
  • The purpose of having a clear brand story and how to find unique angles to engage the media
  • The power of storytelling and identifying transformational moments to share with the media
  • How to build relationships with journalists and personalise your pitch based on their interests

Plus much more!

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