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12. Cultivating Long-Term Loyalty: with Narelle Cooke from CanineCeuticals

Episode 12

Cultivating Long-Term Loyalty

In this episode Tarryn chats with Narelle Cooke, a renowned Natural Health & Nutrition expert, clinical naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and also the owner of the wellness clinic ‘Natural Health and Nutrition’. Together, they discuss the importance of pet brands creating an ecosystem of education, value and support that goes well beyond just selling products.

And they also share the benefits this has on creating long term customer loyalty in your business.

Topics touched upon in this episode also include:

  • The importance of reading and understanding ingredient labels on pet products to make informed decisions
  • Sharing your knowledge as a pet biz owner through podcasts, blog articles, seminars, and collaborations with other companies
  • Why pet parents value high-quality and personalised products for their pets
  • Why it’s vital to put yourself out there and be the face of your business to build trust and loyalty
  • How cultivating meaningful relationships with pet parents involves listening to their needs and being a supportive presence

Plus much more!

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