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11. How to Build a Successful Pet Business: with Arianne Sackville from Bell & Bone

Episode 11

How to Build a Successful Pet Business

In this episode Tarryn sits down with Arianne Sackville from Bell & Bone to discuss some of the frustrating challenges that business owners face when trying scale their business. Along with what you can do to overcome these.

They also look at what pet parents are really looking for from pet brands, and how to assess deeply what drives their purchasing behaviour and decision making when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their dogs.

And most importantly how to instill trust and long-term customer loyalty in your brand.

Topics touched upon in this episode also include:

  • Providing healthy and nutritious products for dogs, and the risk of pet parents humanising their pets’ diets without considering their nutritional needs
  • The importance of business owners being transparent and putting themselves out there, to establish trust and connect with their audience
  • Why making difficult decisions and cutting unnecessary costs can help businesses survive and thrive
  • How overcoming challenges is a continuous process in business, and finding solutions is essential for growth

Plus much more!

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