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Podcast 0: with Tarryn Michie the co-founder of The Pet Biz Project

Episode 0

Introduction to the Pet Biz Project Podcast

Welcome to the Pet Biz Project podcast. This is the show which helps pet brands, marketers, business leaders and entrepreneurs to build more meaningful relationships with & sell more effectively to one of Australia’s fastest growing consumer groups – Pet Parents.

Each fortnight we chat with a Marketing Specialist, Pet Brand, or simply hop on ourselves, to share with you invaluable insights and inspiration on how to grow your business and more effectively connect with this influential consumer.

Our goal is ultimately to help you, our listener, to build meaningful relationships with your pet parent audience. As one of Australia’s fastest growing consumer groups, connecting with pet parents and nurturing their trust can be one of the most powerful moves you make to grow your business this year.

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast. Make sure to reach out to us via the links below if you’re a pet biz owner who’s interested in being interviewed or would love to see us discuss a specific topic on the show.  

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