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How to Gain a Corporate Sponsorship or Partnership as a Pet Charity

The difference between a corporate sponsorship and partnership, what to include in your proposal and more...

Erin Michie Creative Director at Creative Growth Agency


Co-Founder & Creative Director

In this guide, we discuss what the difference is between a corporate sponsorship and a partnership, how you can create a proposal that will grab the attention of potential sponsors and lastly how to secure a long-term corporate partnership as an animal charity.

Why is a corporate sponsorship or partnership important for animal charities?

As I’m sure you’re already aware, for an animal charity a corporate sponsorship or partnership can provide critical assistance with event costs, funding for care and rescue services to help save animals’ lives. It can also assist in raising awareness and credibility for your particular charity and your personal causes.

Yet in order to obtain a corporate sponsorship or partnership, you first have to create a proposal document to present to potential sponsors.

But what is a proposal document?

A corporate sponsorship proposal is essentially a marketing document that aims to show potential sponsors why their company should sponsor the organisation.

It outlines what the expected outcomes will be of any partnership, how it can benefit both parties, and provides detailed information about the organisation being sponsored.

Yet creating a corporate sponsorship or partnership proposal as an animal charity can feel quite daunting – and understandably so. There are a number of factors that you need to absolutely nail in order to hook that engagement, interest and – most importantly – those funds. 

This is why we created this very guide. We wanted to help support animal charities in securing that essential funding, so you can continue making a difference to animals’ lives everywhere.

In this guide we break down the essential steps to creating your own proposal document, explaining both ‘why’ these elements are important and ‘how’ to incorporate them for your own benefit. We also cover:

  • How to create a list of your ‘dream sponsors’ or ‘dream partners’
  • Researching potential corporate sponsors/partners
  • Understanding CSR and using it to your advantage
  • How to create a professional header for your animal charity
  • What to include in your organisation overview
  • What ‘win-win’ factors you need to highlight to the corporate sponsor/partner
  • What social media/website statistics and analytics to include in your proposal

But that’s not all, we’ve also created a template email for sending your proposal and a template follow-up email. You can find these in the guide too.

 (Literally, you can just copy and paste these templates, inserting your organisation name + editing any relevant details. It’s as easy as that!)

If you’d like to download your copy of the guide, then just click the image below.

If you’d like to discuss creating a corporate sponsorship or partnership proposal with our team’s assistance, please feel free to reach out to us here. In this free strategy call we can offer our advice on how to tackle this project with your own team, or alternatively we can discuss what Genies services are available to help you create this proposal 🙂 

Good luck and go get those sponsors!