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Giving Back

Our commitment to giving back & why we’re taking the B1G1 pledge

Pet Biz Creatives

Our Pledge to Giving Back

Our mission at Pet Biz Creatives is to help humanity experience deeper bonds, more joy and more love with our animals.

Which is why, with every action our community members take with us, we pledge to donate to a worthy cause aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal  (as well with our personal value of caring for animals.) We do this through collaboration with an organisation called B1G1, who are in the business of doing good & have created a platform to help make giving back even easier.

Each donation = One impact. 

And so every action, no matter how big or small, helps to care for an animal around the world.

Whether that’s providing life-saving treatment for rescued animals, providing medicine for an injured dog, feeding a hungry and sick street dog, or spreading awareness on proper animal care.

To date, the action you’ve taken with us – from something as simple as attending our webclass, completing our Pet Biz Content Quiz or signing up to our agency services – together, we have created over 500 impacts.

By 2024, our goal is to make 1,000 impacts. 

And we would love to have you on board with this mission.


About the UN Sustainable Development Goals

(And the impacts we've contributed to so far)

Want to Give Back with your own business?

If you would love to implement your own Giving Back initiative with B1G1, then you can get started here.

And don’t forget to enter our referral code when you do!


(And the best news? Every time someone joins with our referral code,
B1G1 gives 50 days of access to education to a child in the world!) 

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