Pet Biz Creatives

The 1:1 Consultation Program For Pet Brands

Helping you to become the Go-To Pet Brand through building meaningful relationships with pet parents

Who is this consultation program for?

Pet Biz Start-Ups

If this is your first step into growing your pet biz - this consultation program will help you establish a solid foundation + discover what will actually appeal to pet parents to help you to build a strong bond

Pet Biz Entrepreneurs

If you have an established pet biz but are struggling with engagement & brand visibility - this program will help you to cement a loyal audience & grow your sales in a sustainable way

Pet Biz Marketers

If you currently implement marketing strategies for a pet biz - this program will teach you how to more deeply nurture pet parents to establish brand loyalty, increase word of mouth & more effectively retain existing customers

The pet industry in Australia is worth more than $12.2 billion (Animal Medicines Australia)

What does this mean for you? It means that this industry is not just “somewhat” popular… it’s absolutely thriving. 

And there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a slice of the action. 

With over 29 million pets in Australia alone and the combined global population of dogs and cats reaching over one billion, the statistics go to show…

There are millions of pet parents who are actively seeking to connect with pet brands just like yours. Right now.

But how do you do this? How do you bridge that gap between your business and reach these interested, enthusiastic pet parents?

By taking strategic action to attract, interest and engage pet parents, of course.

Which is where the Pet Biz Project comes in

We designed this 1:1 consultation program to show pet businesses how to build a brand presence that is magnetic to pet parents.

But more importantly, to show you what content and journey to take pet parents on to nurture trust – so that taking action with you ultimately becomes a no brainer.

And you can do this by following the 5 steps of our signature methodology: the SINAP method.

Whether you consider the “ultimate conversion” as… 

  • Purchasing your product
  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Joining your community
  • Becoming a loyal brand advocate
  • Returning to purchase from you again and again

We can show you how to make this happen. 

Ready to build a meaningful pet biz?

We'll guide you through the 5 pillars of our signature methodology: the SINAP method

01: Story

In this pillar, we start with how to create a pet brand that is about more than just selling products. We show you how to develop a pet brand that has a greater purpose, a greater 'why', that your pet parent audience can get behind.

02: Identity

Here, you'll learn how to present your pet brand with clarity and confidence - and most importantly consistency. We'll focus on everything from your visuals to your copy, including your logo, colour palette and website too.

03: Nurture

Next, we dive into your customer experience strategy. We'll show you the strategies and structures to build and nurture loyalty with pet parents, whilst providing ongoing value & helping spread word of mouth. You'll remain engaging, compelling and appealing well beyond the moment they click 'purchase'.

04: Assets

We'll then dive into the strategy behind your content marketing itself. Here we walk you through how to create your very own asset ecosystem. We show you how to identify content topics, choose what mediums will serve you best, and how to appeal to pet parents' wants, needs & interests with huge value.

05: Partnerships

The moment you've been waiting for - it's time to create your partnerships! Here we'll teach you how to create relationships with other businesses that'll result in more sales, more engagement and more brand loyalty. All through being purpose-led and value-driven with your network supporting sustainable business growth.

Bonus Resources

The good times don't stop once we've worked through pillar five. You'll also be able to access our exclusive bonus resources - including our mini-course on advanced email marketing, interviews with industry experts & access to our partners' services

The SINAP method is founded on the ethos that to be a successful pet biz, you need to...

Become purpose-led & value-driven.  

This is the secret to building a pet biz that produces consistent sales, growing profit & engagement with your pet parent audience.

Understand what pet parents actually want and need.

If you are ever going to stand a chance of developing meaningful relationships with pet parents and building that brand loyalty and repeat custom.

Nurture your audience & connect with them on a deeper level.

If you want to achieve conversions not once, not twice, but repeatedly – whilst helping to spread word of mouth & cement true brand loyalty with your pet biz.

100% 5 Star Reviews on Google


“We have been able to grow our pet business and curate a content strategy that works for our audience and time limits”

“Both Tarryn and Erin are great to work with and are genuinely excited about helping pet businesses”

“They are not afraid to suggest things that can improve your branding & investment.”

“Having their advice, guidance and support has been invaluable in launching my pet photography education business. They provided me a roadmap for what I needed to get ready before the launch, checked over my content and answered my questions about areas where I have no experience.”

Ready to build a meaningful pet biz?

What’s included in the Pet Biz Project

This program is designed to help you get tangible, meaningful results and fast. Whether you want to see fast growth in the next three months or to make long-lasting changes that will set you up for years to come.

Educational Webinars

Recorded + Uploaded to the eLearning Portal, for you to access anytime you want

Exclusive Worksheets & Templates

Created to support your learning, record your insights and teach you the essential strategies

Regular 1:1 Consultations

For you to receive feedback, ask any burning questions & have personal goals set to keep your momentum on the up

With optional extras, if you want our help in getting you the results you seek:

Done-For-You Email Marketing

Jump the queue with our email marketing services, including everything from copywriting, EDM html design, welcome nurture sequence creation & implementation, lead magnet creation, audience segmentation & flows set-up (and much more)

So that you can outsource your email marketing when you’re ready – without having to join our waitlist.

Our Partner Services

That you can access through The Pet Biz Project

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Introducing Your Consultants

Tarryn Michie

Head Consultant to Australia, New Zealand & Asia

Tarryn has over 20 years of experience working in sales, project management, marketing and mindset, working with start-ups right through to large corporations. She’s also a pet parent to Ash & inspired to help business owners create more lifestyle freedom.

Pet Biz Creatives

Erin Michie

Head Consultant to the UK, Europe & America

Erin has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature & Creative Writing. She is a trained copywriter and from the offset of her career has specialised in digital marketing and branding, with a focus on purpose-driven creative content. She is a millennial pet parent to 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 tortoises & a tank full of fish.

Next Steps To Join Our 1:1 Consultation Program

Get in touch with us to discuss your preferred option

Option One

Fast Growth Starter Package

Option Two

5 Pillars of Success Package

How to know if you're a fit for The Pet Biz Project?

If you’re ready to transform your pet business and ready to apply your focus and get stuck in…

Then you’re a fit.

But please note, we’ve made a commitment to only work with the pet businesses that…

  • Truly want to see their pet business thrive
  • Are committed to learning and growing with us
  • Are here to make a real impact on the wellbeing of animals & leave a lasting legacy

So if that sounds like you, then we’d love to have you as a member of our program. 


Here at The Pet Biz Project, we believe ‘Time’ is the No.1 reason for crushed goals, dreams and aspirations.

As someone who supports and educates Pet Brands globally to become more visible, get more sales and reclaim their time and energy we wanted to share something with you…In the hope that it will help you to see things a little bit differently.

Lack of ‘Time’ actually isn’t the challenge…..a lack of ‘Time’ is the pain that you’re experiencing.  It’s the frustration you feel daily because your business isn’t where you want it to be.

If your business was where you wanted it to be you’d be able to reclaim your time & energy by affording support, outsourcing, having a team and scaling up to paid marketing strategies or building strong partnerships.

In our experience, the lack of ‘Time’ you’re feeling is actually because the strategies, the actions and the energy you are putting into your business aren’t getting the results that you’d hoped for…..But you’re not sure what you should be doing instead….right?

Unfortunately, you’re not all of a sudden going to find 20 hours more ‘time’ in your week!  So instead of staying stuck in a paradigm of not enough ‘Time’…and living out the same year again next year….Maybe think instead “What do I need to be doing differently with what time that I do have to make this business actually work?”

It might be a case of implementing completely new strategies to reach your target audience.

It might be implementing a stronger tone of voice with your current audience.

It might be showing up and being seen and heard more as a leader in your field…

Or it might be making the choice to energetically stop treating your business as a ’side hustle’ or ‘hobby’ and to do whatever it takes to get the results you truly want.

If that’s the case, we are here to guide and support you in the steps to take as a result of this choice.

No. In our experience, when you go into something looking for a way out (before you even get started) this is your subconscious mind looking to sabotage your own success.

Instead, we commit to working with you and supporting you at no extra charge until you see an increase in profits in your business, as long as you attend the 1:1 Consultation Sessions, complete all the e-learning content and implement the actions and strategies that we show you throughout this program.

The first step is to book a free strategy call with us so that we can understand more about you and your business & identify if this step-by-step roadmap will provide you with the growth you’re seeking in your business

No. While we will touch on paid strategies, we suggest that these can be most effective when you are generating reasonable profits in your business and looking to scale up. However, this program is about laying the foundations and building a profitable online pet business using strategies that work with no advertising spend.

I get it, we all don’t want to spend more time learning more ‘stuff’ however, ultimately it’s a means to an end. If you could afford to outsource the growth of your business, you would have done so by now.

This is a stepping stone, a way for you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

When you experience this learning, you’ll then be able to train someone else to manage it within your business, like a Virtual Assistant or a team member. But if you don’t obtain the knowledge yourself first, you’re stuck paying $$$ for an Agency or Expert to do it all for you adding up to considerable expense over time.

The Pet Biz Project is a never-ending journey, just like your business. The core eLearning modules, which are the 5 pillars we take pet brands through, will take you around 3 – 6 months to complete and implement. But some aspects you may decide you’re not ready for yet and come back and implement them at a later date. It’s more of an ongoing development of your business, not a set start and endpoint.

The eLearning aspect is just one part of the Pet Biz Project. We’ll also be workshopping Pet Brands & interviewing influential pet biz owners to extract their experience on what gave them the greatest growth. We’ll also have guests present on their areas of expertise, like getting your products into retail stores, advertising, influencers, brand ambassadors, partnerships and the list goes on….

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